Wrap-N-Zap® 100 % Natural Cotton Batting - 22" Wide - Priced Per Meter

Wrap-N-Zap® 100 % Natural Cotton Batting - 22" Wide - Priced Per Meter


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Pellon®’s Wrap-N-Zap® is a microwave safe product is made of 100% Natural Cotton Batting. It is perfect for use in projects like insulated potato bags, casserole warmers and more. When used in the microwave, it will trap the moisture inside to produce a perfect baked potato or a well steamed ear of corn. It can even be used for warming rolls and tortillas.

This product is 22" wide - Priced Per Meter

100% Natural Cotton Batting
Handy Potato Zapper project instructions can be found here Preshrinking Instructions (if desired): Soak in hot water for 20 minutes, then roll in a towel to remove water. Air dry.

Care Instructions: Once sewn DO NOT AGITATE unless stitched area is no more than 4" apart.

IMPORTANT! When cooking any vegetable wrapped in fabric, limit the time to two minute intervals. Pellon® does not recommend cooking on high longer than two minutes. When longer cooking time is needed, stop, turn the item, then start again. Never leave a microwave unattended while cooking. Use only 100% cotton fabrics and trims.We recommend pre-washing the 100% cotton fabric used for the any project created with Wrap-N-Zap®.

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