Quilters Cupboard has a great group of passionate teachers who will guide you on your quilting journey. Whether you are new to quilting or interested in learning new skills, our teachers will be there to support you every step of the way. 




Leianne started this wonderful thing we call our quilting hobby when she moved to Ontario in 2001.  In addition to working at Quilters Cupboard, she is excited to share her knowledge through classes, quilt shows, workshops and trunk shows for Quilt Guilds

Leianne’s discovery of the accuracy of the Studio 180 Design rulers and love of Lemoyne Star quilts are a perfect fit for sharing with students. Some might call her “star obsessed”, and they don’t mean movie stars!   

Leianne brought Tucker University to Quilters Cupboard in fall of 2017 and has developed a following of enthusiast students eager to learn how to use their collection of Studio 180 Rulers to their fullest potential!



Maddie started quilting in 2007 and was instantly hooked. The first class she taught was “How to Make a Rag Quilt” but she soon discovered appliqué, big stitch, embroidery and working with wool. Given a choice between a project with a sewing machine and something involving handwork, Maddie will choose handwork every single time!

Maddie finds inspirations from the works of other crafters on Pinterest and that encourages her desire to create her own designs (although that’s still a “Work in Progress”!) Maddie rarely makes anything according to the pattern. She always likes to add her own flair – after all, the original pattern has already been done.

Maddie is excited to be introducing Punch Needle Classes starting in the Fall!



Sherri is “Sew Kind of Wonderful”… and she’s a pretty wonderful teacher too! 

Sherri loves the Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful and loves to teach people how to use this ruler to cross projects such as Winding Ways, Double Wedding Ring… off their “Quilting Bucket List” without having to do any pinning or clipping. 

Sherri loves Kim Diehl and as such she loves to do projects with small pieces and appliqué. She teaches several club classes where she shares her passion for a variety of different genres.

Sherri teaches the Introduction to Quilting Class and with her attention to detail and communication style is the perfect guide to those who are excited to begin their quilting journey!




Are you looking to add some flair to your projects, then Tammy might just be the teacher for you!

With her bag classes, Tammy focuses on modern and stylish bags from Swoon that are a stylish addition to any bag lover’s collection. Her Rolled Up Tote Classes (featuring her very own pattern) are always in high demand.

Tammy is a long arm quilter and shares her quilting expertise in several free motion quilting classes. She will help you move beyond ‘quilting in the ditch’ and start to bring your quilting up a notch of two! Do you have a ‘Fear of Binding’? Tammy will even help you to conquer that too with her “Finishing School” class.

Tammy’s not just a quilter… if you’ve been admiring the new look in the store in recent months, it’s because of Tammy! This summer she’s been locked in the classroom and has been working away at bringing a fresh look in there.



“Kelly LOVES Scraps!!”  Kelly has been quilting for over 20 years and has a passion for scrap quilts—making them, sharing them and teaching them. Her focus is on traditional quilts and finding easy, efficient ways of making the basic units used in these kinds of quilts.  

Kelly loves club classes where students make as many friendships as they do quilts!

She finds true joy in sharing her love of quilting and to encouraging others to dig into their own scraps.





Lynda is our guest “Artist”. With her Thread Play classes,  Lynda teaches her students how to use some thread, extra batting , a “wee” bit of bling and a touch of glitter glue to bring any panel to life.

When you come to one of Lynda’s classes, be sure to pack your creativity and be open to a wide range of possibilities!






Renate has a passion for quilting and with many years of teaching experience she continues to bring new and fun ideas to her classes. She is a certified instructor of the ‘Square in a Square’ technique and has been hailed as the ‘Bag Lady’ as she has taught and made almost every bag out there!