Large Flip Lock in Gold Finish

Large Flip Lock in Gold Finish


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Our heavy, high quality, Gold finish, flip locks are perfect for your purse, satchel, or clutch. I just love the shine and eye-catching bling they give to a handmade bag. They would suit well on a flap or wide strip over your bag opening, giving it a super professional look. The Quarter Note Clutch, was specifically designed for this lock!

These are sturdy and so easy to use. Easy to install, a small screw driver required. 4 Pieces plus 4 screws for each lock.

Width (left to right) 2 - 1/8" or 55 mm
Height (middle center to bottom center point) 1" or 25 mm
Full height (with lock flipped down) 1 - 5/16" or 33 mm

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