BCS Mystery 2022 - Quilter's Grace

Are You Ready for a Border Creek Station Mystery Adventure?


Quilter's Grace Mystery Quilt

Start the 2022 year with a combined sense of mystery and grace! They might not seem like an obvious pairing but with the help of Border Creek Station and a beautiful collection of fabric called Sister Bay by 3 Sister, the mystery will gracefully unravel throughout the 8 month Block of the Month. 

Skill Level: Beginner and Up!

Mystery Tolerance Level: High! You won't know what the finished quilt will look like until much later in the journey. You just have to trust that an amazing pattern designer and stunning fabric collection will come together for a beautiful finished product. 

Quilt Information 

Quilter's Grace is an 8-month journey with two different quilt sizes. You can order a kit featuring the Sister Bag fabric collection or you can pick your own fabrics. The journey will begin early in January 2022 (subject to the availability of the fabrics).

Finished Size: Lazy Lap (68" x 84") or Quaintly Queen (100" x 100")

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Kit Includes: Quilter's Grace pattern, all fabric for the quilt top and binding . Backing is NOT included.

Program Registration and Pattern Order:

In order to participate in the Quilter's Grace Mystery tour, you will need to register for the program and order your pattern. There are two registration options.

In-Store Pickup Option ($25): All pattern information and installments as well as the kit will be picked up in-store. Monthly installments will need to be pickup at the store each month. The cost of the In-Store Pickup Option is $25 (includes the pattern).

Mail Out Option ($37): All pattern information and installments as well as the kit will be shipped or mailed out. Monthly installments will be mailed out each month via Canada Post.

Kit Information (Available Early 2022*)

Quilter's Grace kits featuring the Sister Bay fabric collection are available in two different sizes. An initial deposit of $50 will be required at the time of ordering. Payment for the balance remaining will be required when the kits are ready to be picked up or mailed out.

Option 1 - Lazy Lap (68" x 84"):

The Lazy Lap kit will include all fabric for the quilt top, including the binding. Backing is NOT included. 

Special Kit Price: $199.99 (includes free shipping where applicable)

Regular Kit Price: $219.99


Option 2 - Quaintly Queen (100" x 100"):

The Quaintly Queen kit will include all fabric for the quilt top, including the binding. Backing is NOT included. 

Special Kit Price: $309.99 (includes free shipping where applicable)

Regular Kit Price: $349.99


Register for the Program and Choose Your Own Fabrics:

If your sense of adventure is in high gear but you would rather pick your own fabrics, you can do that as well. You only need to register for the program ($25 for pickup; $37 for mail out). No other action is required until you are ready to pick your fabrics. We will be more than willing to help you do that when the time comes. 

Will I Need to Buy Additional Supplies?

There are no specific tools required to make this quilt. Quilters are encouraged to use Mary Ellen's Best Press (for fabric stability) and their own preferred method for making and trimming  Half-Square Triangles. Instructions will be provided with an option for the quilter to choose to use a traditional method. 

When/how do I sign up? When will I be charged?

Registrations for the Quilter's Grace are now open and can be made in-store or online.  You will register by paying the $25 fee for in-store pickup or $37 for the mail out option. If you have chosen the kit option, an initial deposit of $50 will be required at that time. The remaining balance for the kit will occur once the complete kit is ready for pickup or delivery. 

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Frequently Asked Questions - Mystery Club Block of the Month

Can I See What the Finished Quilt will look like?

The Mystery Quilt is top secret and we are not permitted, under any circumstances, to let you see what it looks like.

How can I pick fabrics if I don't know what the quilt looks like?

If you prefer to pick your own fabrics, we have seen pictures of the finished quilt and can assist you with your fabric selections.

Do I have to show my completed block every month? Will I be penalized if it’s not complete?

No – While we will be encouraging to keep on top of your monthly assignments, Quilters Cupboard will not be following up to make sure that you are staying on task.

What if I want to cancel?

By enrolling in the Quilter's Grace Mystery Club you are committing to the full 8-month program. Refunds will not be issued should you decide not to complete the program.

When / How will my BOM be shipped?

Pattern installments will be shipped via Canada Post on a monthly basis. Your kit (if one was ordered) will be shipped via Canada Post prior to the start of the program. You will receive a tracking number with your shipment.


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