But Wait! Squared Squared (S2)

Do you rule out projects as soon as you read "Paper Piecing Required"? We certainly don't blame you. Lucky for us Deb Tucker, with her collection of Studio 180 tools, developed a way to complete the Diamond Square unit without any paper piecing! How awesome is that?

The Diamond Square, Square in Square, Economy blocks... these can be tricky units to get accurate, but with the Square Squared tool and technique of oversizing and trimming down you'll be amazed by your results!

The Square Squared tool has 3 different sections:

A - The Center Square Section gives you a series of squares that are precisely drafted so that their diagonal measurement is exactly the finished size of the Square Squared unit.

B - The Trim Down Section gives you guide lines to align with the seams of the pieced Square Squared unit so you can trim each to a precise size with a proper ¼” seam allowance on all sides. 
C - The Size Chart for Triangles gives the recommended size squares to cut that when cut in half diagonally will yield two slightly oversized triangles for constructing the unit.