Reindeer Games

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

What are Reindeer Games?

For one week, starting Tuesday, November 23rd through November 30th, eight of Santa's reindeer will bring you special, limited-time product promotions that are available for ONE DAY only. When the clock strikes midnight, another reindeer will step forward with a whole new set of daily promotions. If you see something you like, be sure to order it right away because, when the day ends, it will be gone from the website.

How do you find out about the Reindeer Specials for the Day?

If you are already on our mailing list, you will receive the daily emails outlining the specials for the day. If you're not on our mailing list or if you don't receive an email for a particular day, the daily specials will be accessible on our website and posted on Facebook too.

The Elves Want to Have Fun Too!

The Elves want to get in on the fun and they put together a list of promotions that will last the entire duration of Reindeer Games. These specials are available now through Tuesday, November 30th. You can order them today or add them onto an order at any point during the week. Please note, quantities are limited on selected items (most notably on needles) so it's best to order early.

Online Ordering Only

Reindeer Games is an ONLINE shopping event only. Daily promotional items are NOT available in store. All orders must be placed through our secure website. Unlike our standard online shopping experience that typically offers same day turnaround, all Reindeer Games items still need to be shipped from the North Pole. Additionally, due to the high volume of orders during this promotion, orders cannot be taken over the phone.

New to Online Ordering? Having Trouble?

If you are new to online ordering or are having problems placing your online order, we will gladly walk you through the process or help you find what you need. Please call the store (905-862-0666) during normal business hours for assistance. We can only help you place orders for the current days promotions. Requests to order items from a previous day will not be accepted.

Payment Required at the Time of Ordering

In order to enjoy the daily special, you will be required to pay for your items each day by providing your credit card information on our secure website. You MUST complete your checkout before midnight on the day of the offer. Please do not accumulate items in your shopping cart throughout the Reindeer Games Promotion in anticipation of placing one order at the end of the week. Daily items will not be available for ordering after midnight on the day of the offer.

If for some reason Santa is unable to obtain the item that you ordered in a timely basis, a full refund will be provided.

In-Store Pickup, Curbside Pickup vs Flat Rate Shipping

When you submit your order you will be asked to confirm how you would like to receive your Reindeer Games package. You will have the option to pickup your package or take advantage of flat rate shipping.

We will contact you when your order is ready. Our goal is to have all orders ready for pickup beginning Tuesday, December 14th (subject to COVID/shipping delays). All orders placed that require shipping will be shipped via Canada Post being mindful of the recommendations from Canada Post to ship as early as possible to ensure delivery in time for Christmas. Tracking numbers will be provided with all orders.

Flat Rate Shipping

If you require shipping, there will be a flat rate shipping charge of $15 plus applicable taxes regardless of the number of items/days that you order, shipped to one address.

To pay for shipping, simply add the $15 Flat Rate Reindeer Games Shipping charge to ONE order when you checkout during the Reindeer Games promotion (preferably on the first order so that you don't forget). For all subsequent orders during the promotion, select "Reindeer Games Only - Paid on Previous Order".

Add Shipping at Any Time: We encourage you to add the shipping charge to your very first order but if you don't and then decide at a later point that you need your items shipped, simply add the shipping charge onto your next order.

Ordering Other Items? While you’re on the website, please take a tour and see what other items we have available. There are lots of fabrics, kits, books and more! If you order other items, the flat rate charge will continue to apply.

Additional Shipping Charges on Selected Items: There are a small number of items available during this promotion that could incur additional charges for shipping. These items will be clearly identified during the promotion. Any additional charges will be applied after your order has been submitted. You will be contacted once we know what the additional charges will be.

Sometimes Santa can't always deliver before Christmas... All Items promoted during Reindeer Games are subject to availability. While we try hard to order enough products and have them delivered in a timely fashion, sometimes things are beyond our control. With COVID and related supply chain issues, there are so many variables at play.