Luminous Block of the Month

Welcome to the Luminous Block of the Month Program


Your Adventure Can Begin Anytime!

Do you have stars in your eyes? Would you like to go on a star-studded adventure? Quilters Cupboard is excited to offer a Luminous Block of the Month program that you can start whenever you want!

Luminous is a star gazing, skill building journey. You will start off with a small block and gradually build up your skills throughout this seven-month journey. There will be 6 star blocks that range in size and complexity. In the 7th month instructions will be provided for the unique setting that truly makes this quilt stunning. 

Your Tour Guide - Learn from One of the Best!

Your "tour guide" on this star-studded journey will be our Studio 180 leader extraordinaire, Leianne. Leianne started this wonderful thing we call our quilting hobby when she moved to Ontario in 2001.  In addition to working at Quilters Cupboard, she is excited to share her knowledge through classes, quilt shows, workshops and trunk shows for Quilt Guilds

Leianne’s discovery of the accuracy of the Studio 180 Design rulers and love of Lemoyne Star quilts are a perfect fit for sharing with students. Some might call her “star obsessed”, and they don’t mean movie stars! Leianne continues to learn new things about Studio 180 and is  passionate about sharing those learnings with others.

As part of this Block of the Month program, Leianne will share a detailed instructional video each month to help you master the skills required to complete each block. She will include other tips as well that will be geared towards helping you to "Increase your Success and Decrease your Stress!"

If you are going to embark on a star-studded journey, there can be no better tour guide!

Quilt and Kit Information (Available Now!)

The Luminous quilt features 6 blocks in a variety of sizes and complexity. (some months you will make more that one block). The "Just My Type" version (pictured) features the Just My Type Batik Collection from Island Batik.

Finished Size: 74" x 86"

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Luminous Kit Includes: Luminous pattern, all fabric for the quilt top and binding (over 10 metres of fabric). Backing is NOT included.

Program Options:

You can participate in our Luminous Program in a way that suits your preference. There is an initial Registration Fee of $69.99. This fee includes access to 7 instructional videos to guide your through your journey. You will receive these videos and a PDF instructional guide immediately upon registration and from there you can work at your own pace. There's no need to wait for the next month's instructions, you will have everything you need right away!

You can then select one of the following options:

Purchase a Kit:

If you fall in love with the featured quilt, your monthly instructions will be customized to match the fabric included in your kit.  The kit must be paid for upfront. All fabric and pattern instructions will be ready for pickup and/or will be shipped all at once. 

Special Kit Price: $234.98 (includes free shipping)

Regular Kit Price: $259.98

Purchase the Pattern Only and Work Your Stash:

If you like the pattern and are interested in joining us for this star-studded adventure but would prefer to use different fabrics, you can choose to join the program and purchase the pattern only. 

Pattern Price: $42.49  (plus regular shipping charges as applicable). 


Will I Need to Buy Additional Supplies?

Rulers Recommended but Not Required: Tucker Trimmer, Wing Clipper and Square Squared Tool (also known as the Square 2 Ruler if you have an older version).


The Luminous pattern is written such that you can use your favourite tools and techniques for making Half-Square Triangles and Flying Geese. The pattern is also written with the following Studio 180 Tools in mind: Tucker Trimmer I, Wing Clipper and Square Squared Tools.

Leianne will share lots of added tips to help you “Tuckerize” this project. These tips will not only help you complete this project with accurate piecing and less stress, but they will help you on all future projects as well! So while the Studio 180 tools are not required to participate in this Block of the Month and make this quilt, by the end of this program, Leianne might just have you convinced that oversizing your blocks and trimming them down is the way to go for perfect piecing!

Additional Supplies

In addition to your basic sewing supplies and rulers for making the Half-Square Triangles and Flying Geese, there are no additional tools required. Leianne will however be sharing her thoughts on helpful notions along the way.

When/how do I sign up? When will I be charged?

Registrations for the Block of the Month Program are only being taken online at this time. You will register by paying the $69.99 fee. You will then need to decide whether to purchase the kit (pattern included) or purchase the pattern and make the quilt with your own fabrics.

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Membership has its Privileges:

Why should I join the Block of the Month Program?  Can’t I just buy the pattern and make the quilt myself?

Yes, you may opt to buy the pattern separately and make the quilt with your own fabrics, at your own pace. The value of this Block of the Month will be the monthly instructional videos. You will have immediate access to all seven videos and will be able to acess these videos as often as you need to to help you fully understand the tasks at hand.

There will also be a private Facebook Group to share progress and ask questions along the way.

Should I even bother joining if I don’t have Facebook?

Facebook is intended to enhance the social aspect and keep things fun. All videos will also be accessible via restricted access to YouTube. Only members of the BOM Program will have access to these videos. In addition, all critical information will be included in the instructional guide that you will receive upon registration.

Pattern Only - No BOM Program

To purchase the pattern separately and make the quilt on your own, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions - Luminous Block of the Month Program:


Do I have to show my completed block every month? Will I be penalized if it’s not complete?

No – While we will be encouraging people to share pictures of their completed blocks in the Facebook Group, Quilters Cupboard will not be following up to make sure that you are staying on task.

What if I want to cancel?

By enrolling in the Block of the Month Program you are committing to the full 7-month program. Refunds will not be issued should you decide not to complete the program.


When / How will my BOM be shipped?

Your BOM will be shipped via Canada Post prior to the start of the program. You will receive a tracking number with your shipment.

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